Monday, 8 August 2011

Mid- life Crisis and The Black Business Suit

I'm outcome driven, consequently I'm a list person. I've always made long lists in my head, a behaviour which I believe is now causing my telomeres to unravel at an accelerating rate. Due to a life time of list making, the increasing complexity of my daily rythme and my current state of hormonal mayhem,  I've  found that my hard drive is full, so now my lists have to be written - a habit, which in times of pressure, I tend to overlook.
This morning my list was cerebral.
  1. Lunches made - check
  2. Breakfast - too little time
  3. Brief case sitting beside the front door packed- check
  4. Adult children woken - check
  5. Phone father to remind him of his dental appointment - check
  6. Shower etc - check
  7. Black business suit today for early morning meeting - check
  8. Drive one adult daughter to the station (leave my comfortable slippers on) - check
  9. Return home to pack dishwasher - check
  10. Dog fed and outside -check
  11. Lights, heaters and computers off - check
  12. Grab brief case, dead  lock front door - check
  13. Arrive at meeting 7 minutes before schedule with relevant paper work- check
  14. Meeting a success, grab a cup of tea - check
  15. Prepare for next meeting and tend to cold feet..............merde!
  16. Hormonal mayhem can result in loss of dignity - check
Would you wear these to work? I did.

Mental, a written note in my diary....... bright pink, sparkling slippers clash with black business suit.

Tomorrow..... write list and insert - change from slippers to shoes before leaving the house - check.
The art of savoir-faire continues to elude me.......