Thursday, 2 February 2012


Love is the New Black

Above all 
W E A R  L O V E-
It’s more durable than denim,
more cosy than track pants,
more appealing than tuxedos,
more revealing than Speedos,
more protective than a suit of armour,
and more classy than a suit of Armani.

W E A R  L O V E-
It’s brand-less, it’s priceless!
Fits all sizes, suits all classes,
flatters any figure, matches any moment.

W E A R  L O V E-
the couture of all virtues,
the high fashion of the highly faithful:
more beautifying than Cartier,
more fragrant than Chanel,
and more the thing than any bling.
Courtesy VG mag

W E A R  L O V E-
its more fundamental than footwear,
more clarifying than eyewear,
and more undergirding than underwear.

DON'T wear jealousy and envy-
they're out of fashion man.
DON'T wear legalism and judgement-
they're so last testament.
DON'T wear vengeance & fear-
they were hung out to dry in 33AD

W E A R  L O V E-
wear it tight,
wear it every day and every night.
Wear it. Share it.
Its more becoming than the latest hairdo,
more bedazzling than a sequined tutu.

W E A R  L O V E-
like Inuits wear gloves,
like the Peace Corps wear logos of doves-
everywhere, everyday, all the way,
what more can i say than
W E A R  L O V E-
I promise you
it'll look good on you, it always does

Poem by Cameron Semmens 
(Apologies Cameron for the addition of the photos.)
Post Script: My absence from the blog world is because I've been feeling numb since last Thursday evening when an 18 year old girl,whom I've known since she was 12, was killed in a horrific local car accident. Her funeral is this coming Friday. She was passionate about life, sensible, highly principled and energetic ....... "destined to do great things". The world has lost a special person.
Sometimes life does not make any sense at all.