Thursday, 2 February 2012


Love is the New Black

Above all 
W E A R  L O V E-
It’s more durable than denim,
more cosy than track pants,
more appealing than tuxedos,
more revealing than Speedos,
more protective than a suit of armour,
and more classy than a suit of Armani.

W E A R  L O V E-
It’s brand-less, it’s priceless!
Fits all sizes, suits all classes,
flatters any figure, matches any moment.

W E A R  L O V E-
the couture of all virtues,
the high fashion of the highly faithful:
more beautifying than Cartier,
more fragrant than Chanel,
and more the thing than any bling.
Courtesy VG mag

W E A R  L O V E-
its more fundamental than footwear,
more clarifying than eyewear,
and more undergirding than underwear.

DON'T wear jealousy and envy-
they're out of fashion man.
DON'T wear legalism and judgement-
they're so last testament.
DON'T wear vengeance & fear-
they were hung out to dry in 33AD

W E A R  L O V E-
wear it tight,
wear it every day and every night.
Wear it. Share it.
Its more becoming than the latest hairdo,
more bedazzling than a sequined tutu.

W E A R  L O V E-
like Inuits wear gloves,
like the Peace Corps wear logos of doves-
everywhere, everyday, all the way,
what more can i say than
W E A R  L O V E-
I promise you
it'll look good on you, it always does

Poem by Cameron Semmens 
(Apologies Cameron for the addition of the photos.)
Post Script: My absence from the blog world is because I've been feeling numb since last Thursday evening when an 18 year old girl,whom I've known since she was 12, was killed in a horrific local car accident. Her funeral is this coming Friday. She was passionate about life, sensible, highly principled and energetic ....... "destined to do great things". The world has lost a special person.
Sometimes life does not make any sense at all.


Ann said...

So very sorry (and horrified) to hear that. Sometimes it just does not make sense.


Franka said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I send you my *lovewearing* smile.

♥ Franka

French said...

F A N T A S T I C ...though the Chanel is not bad either :)

metscan said...

I´m feeling so sorry for the young woman, and understand your shock, no apologies needed for your absence.
You chose a good way to help you go through the happened - writing about it.
Hold on : ).

Lost in Provence said...

No it doesn't friend. Sending you love and support. I am so very sorry for this tragic loss.

LaPouyette said...

Love your LOVE-post!
Just simply wonderful.

And, dear Elizabeth, I'm so sorry about what was/is happen to you.
Thinking of you and send warmest greetings.
Take care, amicalement,

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

and I LOVE this poem... great words to all ages. Indeed.

My heart reaches out to you... so very sad and a senseless loss of life... it sounds as if her short life may inspire many to reach their goals