Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A French Tradition

Traditional dress of the Vaucluse region
 of Provence.
Traditions often provide a sense of place, continuity and security. They can simplify the daily rhythm, create feeling of purpose and anticipation and draw a community together. Sadly in some cultures, the practice of traditions is not always positive; traditions are used as methods of control and oppression, but such traditions are not those to which I refer.

The French tradition of attention to artistic detail – in their dress, homes, and businesses – inspires creativity which can be observed in the least expected places. For me, whimsical graffiti, that appears to be more prevalent in southern France, is particularly appealing.
Chateau Villandry
Pernes-les- Fountaines
Pernes-les- Fountaines
Pernes-les- Fountaines
Pernes-les- Fountaines
The diversity of regional traditions in France is not only respected but also encouraged. I’ve been told, by two French friends, (not a statistically significant sample size), that one reason for this is that the government hopes that such practices will give the younger generation a sense of local identity, which will encourage them not to abandon their community for life in the cities.  

Like millions of others, I love Paris, but for me, the true France lies in the countryside.


Ann said...

We discovered that very thing on our trip to France last fall. It was almost offensive to go into Paris after a week in Normandy. We couldn't wait to leave and happily spent the rest of the time in the southern countryside regions.

Of course, I would never turn down a trip to Paris, but the countryside is where I'd choose to spend most of my time. Have you made any progress with your home there?

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I did find a secret place in Paris that resembles the graffiti and buildings of the countryside... total whimsy!

Nice photos, mon amie.


Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Ma maison in France has turned into a bit of a farce Annie. I will update you on my blog soon.

Genie are you going to let us in on your secrete?

Thanks for your lovely comments girls.

Fitra2009 said...

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Kerri said...

I so love visiting your blog! I enjoy looking at your pictures of French architecture and culture. Its very nice!

Hope you have a blessed week :)


martinealison said...

La France n'est peut-être pas un grand pays mais nous avons la chance d'avoir des traditions différentes dans chacune des régions.
Lorsque je vivais à Saint-Tropez, chaque année au printemps nous fêtions la Bravade. Je créais les costumes provençaux pour mes enfants qui durant trois jours défilaient dans les ruelles de la ville. Un hommage à la tromblonnade.
gros bisous

Decor To Adore said...

Living in a country where most of the traditions have gone the wayside I so enjoy hearing of places where the pride lingers.

Burlap Luxe said...

Strong and oh so beautiful, love all that you inspire with all things French.

Love the history of France you tell it well, inspiring photo's.

Thank you dear friend for your visit to my place.


Maison de lin said...

Hello my dear,

I agree whit you, I love Paris but the real France is on the country side. Your pics are beatiful.


classic • casual • home said...

Love your perspective...such details are amazing.

Franka said...

I know Pernes - les- fontaines!

What a pretty village!

♥ Franka