Monday, 17 January 2011

A Summer Holiday of F’s………..

This is my holiday of F’ s: fowls, fat, finish, forward, file, flick, foul-weather, floods, flowers, fruit, French, friends, family, fun, fantasy, fotos and flicks. And I have a vision………….!
La bonne vie
Fowls contentedly strutting amongst garden foliage, has resulted in a seasonal excess of eggs. Home made ice-cream (5 yolks) and pavlova (6 eggwhites) are a great solution for the egg glut, although not so fantastic on my waist -line. This brings me to my fat
Instructions must be followed carefully. The ratio of sugar to egg whites in the pavlova and sugar to egg yolks in the ice-cream are critical.
Pavlova : 
Blue Moon, Sicily - heaven
Each year we take a family photograph around Christmas time. I know that I have gradually put on weight after a nasty foot fracture and a 9 months stint of Warfarin to dissolve the resulting DVTs. Nevertheless, I was quite confronted by my image when the Christmas shot was printed. Since then, I have tried to lose the excess blubber, to no avail. Our foul, uncharacteristically tropical, weather has discouraged my usual holiday exercise program so I am feeling quite fat, despondent and so desperate that I have purchased and read Peter Walsh's book "Does this Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?" The title also reveals my other Achilles heal – clutter.

To be continued ………………..Part 2

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