Thursday, 14 April 2011

Back at the Blog!

Perhaps a bookshelf of diaries?
No. It's a wooden sculpture of a life-sized
bookshelf, on display in a Chateau of the
Loire Valley, France.
Yes, mother was right - my handwriting is illegible - even to me. The on button of the computer has been pressed and my newly acquired diary has been cast to one side.  I am of an age where my memory is less reliable so what is the use of recoding my thoughts and observations if I can't read what I have written? I suppose I could "ramble on" in a word document, but then I would be denied the pleasure of browsing my photographs for a purpose. Blogging also provides an effective means of “updating” friends en masse without the complications of social media.The recent claims made in the press, that internet friendships are superficial and often of a bogus nature, are a gross generalization ......At least they don't apply to me -  a sample size of one.  For many of my generation emailing has replaced the long, hand written letter to family, friends and pen pals from our youth.
 In this time-poor age it is rare to be able to sit with friends and colleagues to discuss issues . And when we do, the conversation is usually superficial.
Seldom do we give a detailed description of personal observations or thoughts about events that are important to us……………but writing an email, particularly to people in distant places, often necessitates these omitted verbal details in order to communicate clearly.
Two friendships I value highly have been nurtured over the Internet. Jo I met briefly in France. Despite living in different hemispheres we regularly have “a cup of tea and a chat “ via email. Rosemary is a professional travel writer whom I contacted after she had published an article about the region in France in which we have bought our "renovator's opportunity with great potential".
Both of these women write beautifully.  And enhance their  photographs with well-crafted descriptions.
The old vine at the gated entrance
of the B&B where we met Jo, her husband
and le vulcan, Terrance Gelenter
Jo knows me better than my colleagues with whom I have been working for 21 years! I consider both of these women to be real friends who have been honest and open in their communications with me about many aspects of our lives. Thank you Jo. Thank you Rosemary. Thank you technology.

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