Friday, 29 April 2011

Renovations in France?

From this
The formal sitting room in our French cottage
to this ?

The sitting room in a guest suite at Chateau Bournand, home of
the delightful hosts ,Vicky, John and Button

If only wishing would make it so .........

Disappointment. The plans for the repairs to our house in France were to be completed by 31 March. I had been accessing my emails with great anticipation leading up to the 31 March, just in case they were completed prior to this date.

31 March came – no plans. The date of completion was altered on that day to the 30 April. The French would say, shrugging their shoulders,  "c'est la vie", but as the owner of the house "merde" is more appropriate!  Now 30 April  is approaching, will I be “let down” again? Perhaps My French Folly is low priority because we will not be visiting until June 2012, but I need the plans to keep my dream alive and to motivate me to budget for the repairs….......On reflection, the thought of having a cold wash in a bucket and using a commode in the absence of a toilet is enough to help me boost my coffers without seeing the plans. And I hate the thought of personally plastering and painting in my holidays.
I'm counting down to the end of April - in French.

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