Wednesday, 14 September 2011


1. Still with husband, who kindly gave me advice about how to minimise the damage to Roger if I have a repeat encounter with a stationary gatepost ........... Something to do with turning the steering wheel in a particular direction when dismounting a steadfast object.
2. Insurance cover is generous after the excess (not so generous) has been paid.
3. Just avoided having a horrific car accident involving a truck and high speed, which puts the French kiss incident into perspective.

Thank you for your advice and encouraging words during this period of emotional disquiet.

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That's Not My Age said...

Glad to hear it's all sorted and Roger's on the mend!

Ann said...

Deep breath...


Franka said...

Such an accident is so unnecessary!

My daughter had one of those on Monday!

Hope your stomach is well again!

♥ Franka

LaPouyette said...

Es sieht so aus als ob sich die Wogen geglaettet haben!
And I do hope that your whole family is back in good health!

Herzlichen Gruss aus dem Périgord,