Thursday, 22 September 2011

Off to France

Yesterday I purchased my "early bird" discounted plane ticket to France ....... for 2012! Just thinking about the trip makes me feel like a new woman. Can I obtain savoir-faire by osmosis?
Cartoon Victoria Roberts Published in The New Yorker 11/20/2006


LaPouyette said...

Bravo !!!
I'm sure that you are looking very much forward to your visit next year!
Any chance that you are in our area the Dordogne ???? It is in South-West of France, 500 Km south of Paris and 120 Km north/east of Bordeaux, to give you an idea.

Sorry for late comments, many things to do here....

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

This made me laugh as I looked at your previous posts. This is so "me" and probably describes many of us who love France!


Mouse said...

A late comment, I am a first-time visitor, but this struck a cord with me. May I copy it for mt own log please?