Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hair Behaving Badly....thank you

Thank you for your kind offers to exchange hair and also for your wonderful comments about hair behaving badly (Bad Hair Days....Months....Years) Most reassuring.  Perhaps the grass always appears greener on the other side? 

Michael Leunig
Swapping my tangled mass for very straight locks is appealing…I would be able to jump out of bed and go for a jog or whiz to the shops for an ‘emergency litre of milk' without having to first douse my frizz in water and apply product…..a real challenge in the depths of winter!

Would I switch my voluminous mop with Annie’s  (Plum Siena) very fine, very straight hair?  Surely this option must be better than having a cranial duvet, especially in the hot summer months when I am too vain to be shorn in order to keep cool?

Courtsey Google Images*
The problems of humidity, greying, "texture", hairdressers who don’t listen and actually finding a hairdresser who can cut well, appear to be universal.

As Karin (La Pouyette) observed, "whatever country, Germany, London, France... hairdressers are the same all over! Nobody seems to be concerned about the days of depression after a coiffure visit".....For me it has been years of emotional "ups and downs"  at the hands of hairdressers.

For anyone thinking about a career move, there appears  to be a professional niche waiting to be filled by psychologists specializing in “hair trauma”.

Post script: 
Please visit the comments to last week's blog, Bad Hair Days....Months....Years - very entertaining and so true.....and sometimes a touch sad (to which I can relate.)

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LaPouyette said...

Oh Elizabeth - you made me laughing again!

Actually, after nearly 50! years of "hair traumas", without a psychiatrist at hand, I've given up. As long as I'm not looking like Frankenstein's daughter and as long as Mr. B still recognize me after my return from the Coiffeur and not saying "who are you and what have you done with my wife" - it's okay. So, I made peace with this special type of persons, so far.....???...

Best wishes for a lovely Sunday and a good and non-frizzy week!

Franka said...



( my hair is uncomplicated )

That's Not My Age said...

Cranial duvet, love it!

martinealison said...

Je me suis bien amusée en visitant votre blog... Je m'autoriserai une prochaine balade...
Gros bisous

Virginia said...

I'll just tell you what a hairdresser told me years ago, (after I let a friend give me a home perm so I could have the "tousled look"), "Virginia, you have straight hair, you just need to accept it and live with it. It will NEVER be curly. A lot of people would kill to have hair like yours." That seemed to help! :)

Lost in Provence said...

Well, I have no consolation to offer, sadly, as I am hair traumatized myself. Sigh. I took an hour to straighten my frizz and it did indeed straighten into a thin, sad, limpness.
We just have to hang in there!
Bisous and thank you for the smile on the Sunday evening,

French said...

Oh I have now found the "other blog" !! Yay! I am off to the original post; all I can say is that I fight the frizz all the time, and running around like a crazy woman with much to do doesn't seem to help me out much! Have a lovely week~

martinealison said...

Merci pour vos paroles chaleureuses... gros bisous à bientôt