Tuesday, 1 November 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I need order in which to function - perhaps it is because I'm a Capricorn, or more likely due to my  INTJ personality. I love spontaneity, just not when deadlines have to be met and there are routine tasks that need completing.   Consequently I usually write my weekly blog in advance. This week my blog was focusing on the images of French photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand. However, when I went to comment on someone else's blog , I noticed that it too, contained the work of Arthus-Bertrand! Ahhh.... what now? 
...........Order dissipates. 
...........Schedule disrupted.
...........Solution (as you may have noticed) - upload the blog anyway!


Lost in Provence said...

Elizabeth, it is your unique point of view that matters! No one owns any certain subject, so please just keep on going. I remember when I was actor, there was the idea that if everyone wanted to be as perfect as Lawrence Olivier than no one would ever attempt to play the role of "Hamlet" any more! It"s all good!

Mouse said...

well, since I read your blog I am rather selfishly saying yes, continue please :-)

Virginia said...

Go for it. I love YAB. Have you read his autobiography ( or was it his biography??). It's fascinating. I have his Paris From Above and Earth From Above books as well.

Ann said...

Oh- I so know that feeling. Except that I am not as organized as you.

Publish your post- we would love to read it and haven't even seen the other one anyway!

French Basketeer.com said...

Love to see different perspectives on the same topic....always unique....including yours!...so glad you posted!

martinealison said...

Je suis comme vous, j'écris mon blog dans la semaine et je le publie après...
Il n'y a pas de mal à se faire du bien avec YAB... J'en veux encore!
Gros bisous

classic • casual • home said...

Lots of blogs contain similar info...I like the different perspectives.

LaPouyette said...

I just agree with all these comments!

Keep going!