Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Advantage 1

Mid-life has its advantages - one of which is that I tend to assume less when communicating with others. 


Ann said...

Then you start to lose your hearing. Very slowly. After all of the rock concerts in your teens and twenties, the "stereo" blasting away when you finally get your own place- they have all taken their toll.

So now you gradually learn to lip read. Communication becomes downright dangerous if you are in different rooms. Ahh- life!

martinealison said...

En ce qui me concerne, je relativise beaucoup plus à présent...
Gros bisous

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

You are both "spot on".
The perspective one gains with age is worth the years of mistakes are made along life's journey.
The loud music (which Mr R still plays when I leave the house) has impaired his hearing so I can't talk to him as one of us exits a room! Despite his age, Mr R is the sound & lighting engineer for 4 bands in his spare time. Unfortunately I don't think he will ever "grow out of" loud music!.........Boys with their toys!