Saturday, 24 December 2011

Time for .....

Christmas is a time to focus on people, not on presents.

A time for giving thanks and for offering forgiveness
A time of love
A time to enjoy the sanctuary of old traditions and perhaps create some new ones.
A time  to celebrate a conglomeration of the ridiculous, bad taste, creativity and good design.
A time for laughter and joy. 
And for some, a time of fierce competition and one-upmanship ……….  so exhausting!

So what do you do if the Christmas spirit doesn’t grab you …….  you’ve burnt the turkey ……. forgotten to heat  the plumb pudding …….  you’re seated next to a dreaded in-law  …….  or just think it’s all bah and humbug?
Just go with the flow.
Courtesy of Oslo Davis & The Age
Enjoy the spirit of Christmas and the pleasure of others who are in the festive mood. There should be no “have to” or guilt at this time of year. 

I love Christmas …... for many reasons.

May the peace and joy of Christmas be with you and your family in 2012.

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LaPouyette said...

A very special and thoughtful Christmas post, dear Elizabeth.

Also to you - only the very best for 2012. May your dreams came true!

Warmest wishes and greetings from the Périgord,
karin the first image...!!! :) :) :)