Wednesday, 28 March 2012

House in France: cortisol levels - dangerously high.

Emotions are like a piece of elastic, if they're repetitively over stretched they become fatigued and break. No dramatic "snap", just one tired, limp piece of useless material. Replacement of the spent elastic takes time - if one can be bothered.

 A cottage of the Dordogne (our first trip to France) 
My emotional elastic needs replacement - not due to circumstance beyond my control but circumstance of my making, so please, no sympathy. 

As many already know a renovation company, with offices in France and England, have had the keys to My French Folly for over 14 months, and despite repeated promises and payment, the house remains untouched. But hope finally appeared on the horizon during January this year, when Man of Action was employed by the aforementioned company to work on notre maison. Quotes were received, the budget range provided by the company was grossly exceeded, new quotes were in the process of being negotiated then silence from France -  yet again. Emails went unanswered.

Suspicions were aroused as this was the behaviour of the renovation company owners, not of their employee, Man of Action. After some sleuthing, I unearthed Man of Action's private email, only to learn that he was no longer working for the company  on a part time basis as he had accepted full time employment elsewhere..................

Back to square one. Cortisol levels - dangerously high! Je pense que je suis dans le caca! Time to get out my photographs and employ some positive visualization meditation techniques..............The trouble is that it is difficult to banish two specific pictures which repeatedly creep into my  drawing water from our well and perched on top of a commode.  Merde!

Currently there is not enough "industrie" happening at My French Folly.


Ann said...


After screaming, throwing something and crying, somehow you must let their actions go- karma does exist.

Have you contemplated the next step? Can you go there at all?

I AM sorry. Patience has been taken to an entirely new level.

martinealison said...

J'ose espérer que vous trouviez une bonne issue à votre problème... cette maison me semble adorable...
Gros bisous à vous

Karena said...

Oh no dear Elizabeth I am so sorry to hear this, and no it is not all your doing.

I spoke to Andrea today...does she have any suggestions? I plan to come to France in September and hope to see you!

Art by Karena
The 2012 Artist Series

Franka said...

O what a never ending story!
I hope it will come to an end some day! Soon!

♥ Franka

Lost in Provence said...

Oh la la. Can't you go with the company that Man of Action now works for?
Bisous et bon courage,

French said...

Oh goodness...deep breath....deep breath....emailing you this evening & thinking of you~

Kerri said...

Sorry to hear of your problem. I hope it resolves soon! I love to visit your blog so I can see your photos of France. The pics bring so much joy to my heart!


LaPouyette said...

Oh Dear, Dear!!! I was so much hoping that some progress will be happen with your house. So, so sorry about all that!

I really emphasize with you, how frustrating. One of the problems is that you are too far away to take it 'a place' in your hands.
Thinking and thinking how we could help....but the Perigord is not next to Burgundy, unfortunately.

The only solution to sort this case out I can think about at the moment is that you should come to France. You may talk to the Maire, the Chambre de Commerce, find the right people.

If you have the chance to visit us in the Perigord, we could give you a few advises or suggestion regarding restoration work, how to handle builders and what kind of material and costs are/is necessary.

I still cross my fingers for your dream, don't give up, there is always light! And one day...your dream will come true with a beautiful French house!

Take care and very heartily greetings,

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hmmmm. Is there any chance you could be on site for a length of time?

Such frustration!

Jo Farmer said...

Oh my goodness... it continues. I though that by now something would have happened and at the very least men would be commencing works. You really need to be on site or have someone in France that you know and trust to project manage for you.

We'll be heading to France next month I hope to check out my proposed property/ties and see if I can move forward or wend my way through more paperwork. C'est la vie.

Hope that works commence at yours very soon. Till then, keep smiling and chin up
Jo xx