Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Mobile Secret Garden

My niece and I share this secret.
This secret garden travels with me.  So old, that the house has long since abandoned it. So quite, that I can hear my heart beat. In summer it exudes a unique, sweet fragrance that placates the nostrils. A vision that defines tranquility

Across the adjacent field of bright Derwent greens lies a deserted, weather-beaten shepherd's hut that continues to be serenaded by the discordant sounds of cowbells.

My piece of paradise lays hidden in the Swiss Alps. It's exact location? .........That's my secret

A Secret Garden

If there were a secret garden,
What would it comprise?
Fragrant flowers, a babbling brook, butterflies?
Dragonflies, birds, and bees, there would be all of these.

But most of all, within ‘that place’,
Tranquil peace and serenity await;
Ever there for me and you to relax and renew.
So every morning before you start,
Visit the ‘secret garden’ of your heart.
 By Linda Wall Hall
It is really this green!


French Girl in Seattle said...

Beautiful... and dreamy. Perfect to cheer me up on the grey, cold, Seattle morning. Merci! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Franka said...

What a lovely poem!

♥ Franka

BonjourRomance said...

Beautiful! Glad you came by the blog to visit, now I've found you. Your French Folly is lovely... don't worry it will be worth all the hard work once you're loved in. I'm an American expat in Paris with a similar project going on in Bretagne!

Lost in Provence said...

What a wonderful, dreamy, dreamer post. Merci, amie.

Ann said...

What a cool place!
Just imagining its history...

Lookin' good over here with the new header!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Your photos are beautiful and what a treat you have shown us. I would keep this place a secret, too! Isn't it wonderful how you can close your eyes and be right back in this spot?


Virginia said...

Beautiful photographs and the verse is the icing on the cake! Your new header knocked me out!

French said...

Each time I visit Switzerland I swear the grass is greener even than in France...impossibly green! Love the cerisier~

Kerri said...

Oh I love it, and the new header too!

Have a blessed weekend :)


bee bon said...

Thank you for calling on my blog, your blog is beautiful.
By the way i love Melbourne, my last visit was for the Tim Burton exhibition
A bientôt
bee x

Maureen at The Inglenook Decor said...

lovely poem! I have a secret garden in my mind & my heart too! :)

That's Not My Age said...

Oh wow, it's so lush and gorgeous. There's a secret/walled garden in one of our local parks (took me years to find it!) but it's being 'done up' and I'm worried they'll spoil it.

LaPouyette said...

Lovely - lovely !
Poem and pictures!!!


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