Thursday, 21 June 2012

Busy Doing Nothing

I feel as if  I'm busy doing nothing, working the whole day through............ No sooner have I crossed one item of my Must Do Before I Depart to France list, another pops up at the bottom of the page. However, most of the essentials are in place:
ü house sitters (a sensible couple who will nurture my garden and keep the house ship shape)
ü travel insurance & tickets (plane & train)
ü  a small amount of cash of various denominations & an international VISA  
ü a car waiting for us in Europe
û dry cleaning collected
û clothes organised
û bags packed
ü gifts packed
û leaving my desk at work in order for my temporary replacement.

Post Script: I heard from My Man on The Ground today. I now know that bad news from him is predictable, but whenever it happens, I still get quite emotional about it. Yes sh** happens, but sometimes its occurrence is just too co-incidental.


Ann said...

Good Morning!

As you get ready to depart, take that deep breath.

Your adventure is awaiting!

P.S. Can you meet up with Karin (LaPouyette) while you're there? If you can, visit her beautiful place for encouragement and inspiration.

Mouse said...

I hope that all will be well and that you will be pleasantly surprised. In my experience nothing is ever as bad as my vivid imagination leads me to fear, often quite the opposite.

And if all is not as you had hoped, just remember, you own a little bit of France and isn't that wonderful?

French said...

hope to catch you before you leave...I know all the to do's before departure are tough but can't wait to hear the news once you see MFF!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

So sorry that my comment did not post, but you know that I will have you on my mind as you make a safe journey. Also, don't forget your pointy-toed shoes so you can make a POINT with Monsieur Man-on-the-Ground! Let me know if you need any lessons!


Lisa Farmer Designs said...

Loved your clever post and wish you a safe and exciting trip!Lisa