Sunday, 23 September 2012

Back from the Depths of France.

Life inevitably doesn’t go to plan. I thought I would be spending the last 3 months in France, writing, photographing, occasionally working on My French Folly with the odd foray into other parts of the country and Europe, but it wasn’t to be. However, I am now quite conversant with French building regulations, the legal system and hospitals! 
The geography of our French village makes telecommunications unreliable. No blogging, few phone calls and no television. I have now come to appreciate life without constantly being plugged into the internet, news and current affairs.
After Mr R returned to Australia I didn’t have a car (a long story). There is no regular public transport in our village except for a très cher taxi service, which I tried once: 50 euros to go 12 km down a country road. Consequently I had to plan my time and purchases very carefully - a habit I have lost over the years with extended trading hours and a car on hand, in Melbourne!
Although my faith in the kindness of others has been intermittently jarred during the last 5 years, while in France it was gradually restored - despite the dishonesty and unprofessional behaviour of My Man on the Ground.  In a nutshell, I’ve had a great adventure – one of discovery and personal growth, (yes it can still happen at my age). The simple life has great benefits. I can’t wait to return to My French Folly.
P.S. I am still jet lagged so it will take me a while to catch up with those of you who thoughtfully contacted me while I was in France.


meine Dinge ♥ Franka said...

So nice to hear from you again!

I'm looking forward to your *French adventures*!

♥ Franka

Lost in Provence said...

Yippeee!! I missed you!! I will eagerly await hearing your stories once you get your head back in your own timezone. And I am hoping there are photos of MFF!!!

I would have loved to have met up this summer but now I see why it wasn't meant to be...Next time!

Gros bisous,

French said...

Glad to read you; I will skype you this weekend, having no luck with the # in France! Welcome Home~

That's Not My Age said...

Glad your plugged in again!