Saturday, 27 July 2013

Where is Rêve?

Like subscribers, I too have been asking this question, as has my fellow contributor, Laura. For those of you who are wondering about what has happened to Reve, Laura has now received the answer, which can be found on her inspiring blog.

Shopping in 7ar. Paris 2013
My days appear to be getting more complicated -  dealing with the escalating issues with our French house and my father's unexpected death at the hands of a drink driver (as well as working full time).  Unfortunately I fell that I can no longer be involved with Reve and I am temporarily scaling-back my presence on line until my life is back on an even keel. Watch this space...............
A bientôt.


Anonymous said...

My dear ...
I'm really so sorry for your father. I lost mine 3 years ago, so I can understand you.
Take your time ...
A very very big bisou, Babi

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Elizabeth, sending you big hugs and much love. I am still recovering as well.

gros bisous,

Christie said...

This is gorgeous!

Karen Albert said...

Dearest Elizabeth I am so sorry for the loss of your Father. I also understand what a nightmare you home in France has v been.

Take good care;I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

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Daisy Ethington said...

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Burlap Luxe said...

Oh! Elizabeth, what a time for a visit from you. Your heart is felt with deep concern of your well being. A passing of a love one is never something to deal with. I lost my father at a young age, I was 14 and still long to have a conversation of heartfelt issues.

I know that your father would want you to find your ground and keep living with the passion we have all come a custom to in our visits to you! I am so sorry that I have fell short with visiting, its not for the lack of care or interest in what you have to say or soulfully inspire in all things French, its because times are trying and making time to share my love with all suffers at the worst times when friends like you so loyal in the years with a popping in you do with a beautiful word or two you leave me that joys my heart.

Your father is in the shelter of his glorious wings where he is watching you suffer his loss. I know he is loved by many and his love will live on when you feel his hand guiding you to carry on with all things that brought you joy.

keep living your joy my friend knowing that we will miss you while you are away.
Prayers of song will fill your lonely heart and you will come back to where you are loved.

Praying for you and your loved ones.
Know that I am always up for a Challenge when it involves you :)

Take refuge in what your joy is your fathers heart will be full when he sees that you are living.


j'attendrai votre retour.
Beaucoup de bénédictions mon ami français


LaPouyette said...

Dear Elizabeth,
my deepest 'sorry' for the loss of your father. I certainly know how it feels.

Also - please accept my apology for not commenting so far. Just felt the need of a rest from the internet....
As you have probably noticed I wrote very few posts during the last months.
So, thank you very much indeed for your lovely and friendly comments, and for still visiting my little blog!
Just wonder how your French house is doing???? Have you been able to sort out the several problems with the "original people"???? I do hope so!
I'm thinking of you!
Heartily greetings, take care, and never give up your dreams!

RaeAbigael said...

be strong... hold on and never lose hope! hope you'll recover really soon!

God bless! :)


martinealison said...

Ma chère amie bonjour,

Je suis vraiment triste d'apprendre de si mauvaises nouvelles.
Je vous présente mes très sincères condoléances. Je comprends votre douleur...

Je pense fort à vous et je vous envoie de gros bisous

Karena Albert said...

Dear Elizabeth, I hope you receive this message, I miss your posts so much. How are you? Catch me up on the latest when you have time and come visit as well!

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