Sunday, 8 June 2014

Realise Your French Dream- House for sale NOW SOLD

In the heart of France, midway between Paris and Zurich, within easy access to the rest of Europe is a "ready to move into holiday home in a glorious, rural location".  

If you are a lover of fine food, wine, sking, other outdoor pursuits, history or architecture, this region of 
France has it all on its door step. 

As well as the tiny asking price, 60 000 euros the current owners/ residents  are happy to act as your personal,  multi lingual (French, English and German) caretakers to watch over your French dream if required, and manage holiday lets if you want to make some money when it's not in use. 

On a personal note, during the last 12 months the vendors of this house have helped us turn our French nightmare back into our French dream. My French Folly is getting a new lease on life and starting to look loved.
Visit this website for further pictures and details. 


Valerie said...

Oh how gorgeous. I'd buy it if I could!

LaPouyette said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I'm more than pleased to hear the good news about your house!
As I've told you before - never give up!
Will visit now your other blog.
Sorry for not commenting for quite a while, mildly spoken, but so many things are happen here at La Pouyette over the whole year. Last guests have just left and I'm making "tabula rasa".
But you were and are always in my mind.
Best wishes and warmest greetings,

Valerie said...

Fascinating! I hope to visit your images of the Folly when other commitments free up some time. (Thanks for dropping by my blog)