Friday, 16 September 2016

Autumn in France - a new experience

1 September. North-east France
From my bed, the morning sky is noticeably different – nature has removed the familiar, saturated hues from the sky. Dull, white and grey clouds fuse together to obliterate the insipid blue backdrop.  There’s a "nip in the air": a different coldness to that of a cool summer’s day. It appears that while I was sleeping, a deity has flicked the weather-switch from “l'été”  to “l'automne”. 
The hollow sounds of my foot steps on the stairs linger a little longer than usual as I descend the wooden 
spiral to commence my daily routine: open shutters; a cup of tea; bathroom rituals; boulangerie; a croissant and coffee on the terrace. 

But today I falter as the tatty, internal shutters of the sitting room are flung aside: familiar village roof tops are revealed, but strikingly with unfamiliar thin wisps of smoke hanging above their chimney stacks. No movement - just perfectly still. 
Something else is awry – the feathered acrobats that keep us entertained each morning and evening are missing. Squinting, I can just make out their motionless silhouettes across the valley – a row of small dots along the spine of the church roof. 
Opening the terrace door I investigate further: no familiar morning kiss from a timid dawn breeze.  The air is paralysed - devoid of any movement or sound; its chill has mingled with the herbaceous scents of damp foliage, proclaiming “summer’s over”.  I stand transfixed by the canvas before me. Such a dramatic change. So sudden. So unfamiliar. The motionless smoke continues to play statues. I stare, “perhaps I’ll catch it out?” I stare further.  No. 
Time stops. I feel at one with the world; utterly content; incredibly grateful. first autumn in France.



Fun60 said...

What beautiful observations of the arrival of Autumn.

Vera said...

Wonderfully written! As for us, early morning autumn mists are now with us, plus a sense of dampness in the air. No one is lighting fires yet though. SW France is still holding a warmth during the day.

Jeanie said...

Oh my! You tell the most amazing story with your beautiful use of language. I feel as though I'm there with you. Simply perfect.

Autumn arrived here in Michigan with a full moon and then today lots of rain and dark skies. I suspect that soon the leaves will change colors and we'll be on the path to winter.

Your photo in this piece reminded me so much of my stay in Paris. Our apartment was on the fourth floor (American fifth) -- 96 steps to home. I loved looking down the steps and seeing exactly what you photographed! Big sigh.

Paulita said...

A beautiful scene you've set. I love seeing your first autumn in France through your eyes.

NatureFootstep said...

love your composition :)

Rosemary and Thyme said...

So well written and captured. Like a true romantic and poet at heart. Just beautiful. Thank you for visiting.

Happy autumn.


Burlap Luxe said...

Oh dearest Elizabeth, I for one am so pleased to see your return, I had you on my sidebar in hopes of a return and then cleaned up,those who did not return to blogging... With Instagram being the big hang out these days and a quick fix to a little foto sharing blogging has taken a bit of a back seat to the Instagramers.
I am getting ready in The morning to do a new post on another creative piece... I always take note of your poetic words, well written postings and always inspiring words that draw one in holding on to every word.
As for our seasons here in the U.S sunny Southern California on the desert it's rare we experiance the beauty in Fall and Autumn leaves in multi colorful shades, the weather change is what we most look forward to, high winds, greyer days, and colder days.

I am so excited that you are inspired by my word love.... You could spell any words out I'm French if it pleases you, I know it does for me, but here in the US English is a more fitting spelling when it comes to a certain theme.

I always use old wood and even table tops I cut to size, as well as barn planks... Letters do well in old window frame works, picture frames, blocks of wood with a knob in the center to make something square look more lo
Ike an "O"
I hope you share your Love, or any words you create.
I will see you soon my French Friend...

Bisous 😘⚜⚜⚜💕


Jacqueline said...

How lovely to be spending so much time in France. My heart belongs there! Your description of fall made me wish I could be transported instantly!