Monday, 31 January 2011

News flash - "lemming hits water today"

The lemming has hit the water with arms and legs flailing. Merde! Chaos EVERYWHERE.
Can't find, my diary, keys, notes, ...............Anxiety eating all hols.............. I'm too FAT to fit into my undies. I look like madam 4 boobs; 2 squashed into my bra with 2 additional jello lumps protruding over the top of each bra cup. Yes, very unappealing! Then there's my wobbling Mt Mount Vesuviarse - far too cheeky to be attractive. I am surreptitiously discouraging The Husband from getting a much needed pair of glasses and rather grateful that he is so tired that he just falls into bed and goes to sleep without so much as a glance in my direction! Definitely not a good "mind space" in which to start the academic year

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