Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Passionate about France or Menopausal Madness?

I’m about to become an expert on 17th century houses and the art of traditional basket weaving. Handy – if polite dinner conversation falters. Achievable, if I wasn’t approaching retirement with lean superannuation savings and only a paltry sum in the bank. And perhaps realistic for one who is energetic and didn’t live as far away from France as possible. Then there is motion sickness, a fear of flying and a lack of French language skills to further complicate the issue. My partner patiently refers to my current state of affairs as my mid-life crisis. Family members bluntly call it menopausal madness. Despite being very cautious by nature, I recently paid a deposit on a house in France prior to inspecting it! Perhaps it’s time for some French lessons?
Photo: courtesy of the real estate agent

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