Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ma folie française. Dieu aidez-moi!

Finally signing for the French house (circa 1759) this week. Original condition, complete with a dank cave (cellar), a clos lit, flag stones, dirt floor, no sanitation, stone sink, dodgy wiring, a leaking roof and an oak beam which has to be replaced……..Another long story……Beware of vendors (not French) bearing gifts in the form of promises.  It’s challenging carrying out a transaction by email, which involves foreign law; a 14 page compris (contract) and 24 page obligatory inspection report in French. Google translate gives a rough outline of the documents’ contents but many paragraphs just convert into English babble. Must work harder at my French lessons and find a suitable translator toute de suite. 
Hmmm…. I think I need a shrink - or perhaps a whole professorial department of psychiatrists. I’m sure this whole saga is shortening my telomeres. So why do I persist?
In a nutshell life is always interesting, and a touch unpredictable here!

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