Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Piece of France

My French Folly is looking very lonely and miserable.

This week we toasted the purchase of our own piece of 
France, La Maison de Fraise, only to learn that la neige sur le toit ancien had become too heavy for some plastic which was sealing 2 two roof windows so les carreaux (window panes) have fallen in and the snow has followed ! My French dream definately didn’t include building snowmen inside le grenier. Réalité bites…… completely closing off these windows for the rest of the winter is  now  the our first priority. Apart from the damage which can be caused by a melting mounds of snow, the insurance policy on La Maison de Fraise will become invalid. 
An email to my guardian angel* in France has been dispatched toute de suiite. Thank goodness for the current favourable exhange rate. I hope this is not the beginning of mon rêve français turning into un grand cauchemar………
It was 40 °C  here yesterday - too hot for me but probably quite enticing if you have been enduring freezing conditions and deep snow for months!

* Postscript 2012: the guardian angel and his wife have turned out to be "wolves in sheep's clothing" which I have since discovered thanks to some wonderful locals in the village.
Current local weather conditions, France, Samedi 01 Janvier
Température de -2°C à 1°C
Soleil de 8:26 à 16:56
Taux d’humidité : 92%

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