Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ignorance is Bliss?

It is said that “ignorance is bliss”, to which I can attest. From a person who, since aged 9, used to religiously devour the daily newspaper from front to back, I’ve become a selective reader of the arts, epicure, travel and occasionally the financial sections only. Being confronted daily by reports of grim events over which I have no control is emotionally demanding. And then there’ s the question of where the truth lies. As a firm believer in the multiplicative effect of the power of one, I feel that I’m shirking my civic responsibilities by adopting the ostrich principle when it comes to the news and current affairs, but I feel much happier and more content for it.

However, ignorance has definitely not resulted in a state of bliss when I overlooked the faint tick, ticking of my constant companion, M. Laptop. Unfortunately he ceased to function – permanently – last week; hard drive full and body parts, worn out from overwork. I first noticed his malaise when he was slow to boot up, but it was too late.  Tick…… tick…… gone.

Currently there appears to be some parallels between my life and that of my laptop. My hard-drive is jam-packed – full of facts, useless information, names and faces. I’m certain that its functional storage capacity has been trimmed over the years by intermittent bursts of cortisol. Mid-conversation a word can temporarily take flight . Names, once my forte, are now my “Achilles heel”.

An aching back, clicking joints, an impaired knee, (a skiing injury), and the odd problem with my gastrointestinal tract suggest to me that my body parts are tiring too. Is my dysfunction a temporary condition of modern day living or am I heading the way of my laptop? Better listen carefully for some tick….. tick …… ticking.

When I took this image I was in a state of utter bliss.
I experience the same emotions each time I visit this magical location in Switzerland.


martinealison said...

Merci de nous faire profiter de cette magnifique photo d'une région que j'affectionne.
Gros bisous

Franka said...

Chère Elizabeth,
I think what you describe is quite normal.

So keep on smiling.
The best medicine.

♥ Franka

Chicatanyage said...

I agree we are bombarded with information most of it extremely biased. It can take discipline to be selective. My apple was dying recently and I took it to the genius bar at the apple store and they revuvedit. Don't know about PCs.

Lost in Provence said...

Yes, I hear ya! Both regarding the news (which has been unavoidable in France with the elections--Marine lePew had 26% of the vote here in Arles!!! Heeeelp!!!) and the body/mind squeaks and blots. I have had memory problems for a long time but they are getting worse! Yikes. I do yoga to try and keep my body if not in shape (at all) then at least with a decent range of motion. One of my mentors used to say that "you are as old as your spine is young"--good advice!

Virginia said...

Well bad knees are my main thing now. No more squatting down to get good shots pour moi! As for the techie probs, bless you. I had to get a souped up h ard drive a month ago because Mac was so full of photos, if he'd burped we would have had images all over the desk!

French Basketeer.com said...

I sympathize, as I recently also lost a laptop after it has supposedly been backed up; oh so many photos and other information is in cyberspace. I've taken charge of the physical side this week with a juice cleanse and no wine. Keep fighting it, and keep thinking of being in France this summer!

Karena said...

Elizabeth I really empathize so many decisions to make, my body not cooperating and now yes the computer as well...and people are counting on me.

We need to go to those beautiful places in our minds every day!

I wanted you to know...The 2012 Artist Series Feature on Anita Rivera, Designer & Paper Artist, with her Giveaway is on my site! She is amazing!

Art by Karena

LaPouyette said...

Burn-out syndrom! In the truest sense of words!

Listen to your soul...and again - have a rest from all as good as possible.

A few days high up in the mountains, breathing freely, could freshen up ones mind.

Our body is in away like the hard disc on a computer or the motor of a car. When it starts 'tick-tick-tick' it is an alarm sign, don't ignore it.
But ignore the bad news in the newspaper....at least for a while!

Lovely image....I think I know what/how you feel.

My best wishes for you, Elizabeth,
and warmest greetings,