Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My summer holiday of F’ s: continued ….Part 5

French lessons.
These have been unintentionally side lined as I frantically try to get my life together finishing, filing, forwarding and flicking. Apologies to my French teacher, Angelique. An improvement in my French is a necessity if I wish to verbally communicate with my French neighbours, who, I am grateful to say, don’t speak a word of English.

I am not intentionally neglectful of my eclectic group of friends, but I am ashamed to say I still have quite a few I need to catch up with, in person, before my holidays draw to a close.  I enjoy the richness they bring to my life. Perhaps I will make this a secret friendship test – why should I always be the one to do the organising? Sadly I can see a few names being struck off my Christmas list. I must get that much needed vision in place…………

Family (of course, this is Christmas time)
Christmas is a time for family. Mine descend from far-flung places. I savour every minute we’re together and count my blessing to have been fortunate enough to have such a loving, supportive family with rock-solid values; and also to have married a man from a similar background. Like all families, we have faced real challenges and will no doubt continue to do so – together.

To be continued……………..Part 6

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