Thursday, 27 January 2011

My summer holiday of F’ s: continued ….Part 6

Fotos (apologies - photographs)
A tin house: Alsace
Sadly very few photographs have been taken. Will I ever have time to master my camera? Due to the encouragement of friends and family, I have tentatively entered 3 items into the Linden Postcard Show competition. For me, photography is a very personal form of expression and communication, so I feel emotionally exposed having work publically displayed and assessed in this forum.

Flicks (cinema)
What is a holiday without the movies?

Skilful cinematography, wonderful script and superb acting characterised The King’s Speech  –  a movie that lives up to its accolades.
Tiles on the floor of a chateau

Heartbreaker indulged our love of French comedy. With Romain Duris in the lead role we were assured of a good laugh. A charming, farce that is well executed and even pleased the male members of the audience who initially felt dubious, due to the movie’s title.

Fun, Fantasy and Funky

Bonnieux- husband's fantasy?
I must concur with my husband who has observed that there hasn’t been enough fun and fantasy (what ever that means) in my holidays, and my recent haircut, at chez coiffeur, is definitely funky.


Writing these “F” blogs has been quite cathartic ………..I now have a clear vision on which to focus, so it is now back, with renewed vigour, to finish, forward, file and flick. 

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