Saturday 29 January 2011

Work and The Hot Flushes

My mess is morphing as I pulled out all of my draws and 2 wardrobes yesterday, which contained clothes of 3 different sizes, small, medium and large. I have now resigned myself to the fact that large is it for me so, with great reluctance and sadness, I'm clearing out the other sizes. 3 dress sizes in 3 years does not auger well for the future! However, this task is not as straight forward as it sounds because there are some garments which have to be "tried on" (between sizes or out of date) , others which are sentimental, a small pile of garments that needs various repairs and another which I should have sent to the dry-cleaners prior to Christmas. And it is back to the office this Monday. 
Chaos reigns........ No preparation for work has been completed, which initiates lengthening bouts of the hot flushes as I draw closer to Sunday evening......The delights of being "middle aged".....I think it's time to meditate!

Friday 28 January 2011

Back to Work

I feel heightened tension in my body as my holidays draw to a close. My long list of "must do or else" is still long and the clutter hasn't dissipated, despite the hours I have invested trying to make it vanish. I feel like a lemming running towards the cliff edge, despite seeing the deep water that lies on the other side...............
But I do have a vision!

Thursday 27 January 2011

My summer holiday of F’ s: continued ….Part 6

Fotos (apologies - photographs)
A tin house: Alsace
Sadly very few photographs have been taken. Will I ever have time to master my camera? Due to the encouragement of friends and family, I have tentatively entered 3 items into the Linden Postcard Show competition. For me, photography is a very personal form of expression and communication, so I feel emotionally exposed having work publically displayed and assessed in this forum.

Flicks (cinema)
What is a holiday without the movies?

Skilful cinematography, wonderful script and superb acting characterised The King’s Speech  –  a movie that lives up to its accolades.
Tiles on the floor of a chateau

Heartbreaker indulged our love of French comedy. With Romain Duris in the lead role we were assured of a good laugh. A charming, farce that is well executed and even pleased the male members of the audience who initially felt dubious, due to the movie’s title.

Fun, Fantasy and Funky

Bonnieux- husband's fantasy?
I must concur with my husband who has observed that there hasn’t been enough fun and fantasy (what ever that means) in my holidays, and my recent haircut, at chez coiffeur, is definitely funky.


Writing these “F” blogs has been quite cathartic ………..I now have a clear vision on which to focus, so it is now back, with renewed vigour, to finish, forward, file and flick. 

Tuesday 25 January 2011

My summer holiday of F’ s: continued ….Part 5

French lessons.
These have been unintentionally side lined as I frantically try to get my life together finishing, filing, forwarding and flicking. Apologies to my French teacher, Angelique. An improvement in my French is a necessity if I wish to verbally communicate with my French neighbours, who, I am grateful to say, don’t speak a word of English.

I am not intentionally neglectful of my eclectic group of friends, but I am ashamed to say I still have quite a few I need to catch up with, in person, before my holidays draw to a close.  I enjoy the richness they bring to my life. Perhaps I will make this a secret friendship test – why should I always be the one to do the organising? Sadly I can see a few names being struck off my Christmas list. I must get that much needed vision in place…………

Family (of course, this is Christmas time)
Christmas is a time for family. Mine descend from far-flung places. I savour every minute we’re together and count my blessing to have been fortunate enough to have such a loving, supportive family with rock-solid values; and also to have married a man from a similar background. Like all families, we have faced real challenges and will no doubt continue to do so – together.

To be continued……………..Part 6