Sunday 6 May 2012

Autumn or Spring?

Autumn in the garden always has me busy pruning and fertilising in preparation for the colder months and the growth bursts of the following Spring. Our garden rakes and broom are frequently in hand, removing the bright tapestry of leaves that regularly blankets our front path - courtesy of a rampant Boston ivy.  
Withered brown autumnal cast-offs from the deciduous trees that have survived the prolonged droughts of summers past, form decaying mounds that become dangerously slippery if they’re not removed regularly. 
In the rear garden the vegetable plots lay fallow while being replenished by manure and recycled kitchen scraps that have been turned into nutrient-rich brews – a product of the frenetically active our composting worms. 

Despite the cold and wet conditions which now dominate our weather patterns, my mind frequently turns to visions of spring as I read about the gardening activities of northern hemisphere friends........

garden beds in bloom, 

plant nurseries  full of seedlings and potted plants in various stages of development, patiently waiting for a new home.

And what is happening growing and blooming in our garden in France this spring?  If only I knew....................