Sunday 3 June 2012

Fingers Crossed

Soon we will be walking through
our French gate. 
The memory of the terse words exchanged between My Man on the Ground and me during the last 12 months is slowly dissipating each time I receive a progress report on My French Folly and an old hidden feature of the house is unexpectedly revealed. The process of making our house habitable, from 16000 km away, has been akin to childbirth - great anticipation followed by the inevitable pain of delivery, that was somehow blocked out of our consciousness when we first embarked on this journey. Once  the baby is is placed in your arms the memory of this dreadful procedure is suddenly dulled to the point that you would even contemplate repeating the whole process.
An original fireplace
has been discovered.*

I'm sure our trials and tribulations with My French Folly are not over, and my "baby" is not in my arms as yet, but I am now seeing a fruitful end to what has been a very long gestation period. Fingers crossed that all goes well between now and the delivery.      
This event is still celebrated at a local village and is scheduled so we can experience it first hand this year.
Courtesy - Google
* Images courtesy of My Man on the Ground