Friday 2 September 2011

French Paper Art

Paper sculpture and photograph by Jolis Panos
The French have perfected Paper Art. It tends to be arranged in long, convoluted trails that resemble the most complex of mazes. Working in the area of mathematics, I usually enjoy the challenge of a maze, but the Paper Art of French officialdom has me beaten. Just when I think I have understood their game, and have supplied all of the necessary documentation for the insertion of 2 new windows into the dinning room wall of My French Folly, there has been a slight change in the paper work requirements to which I must respond. The planning department has also requested that I supply them with additional photos of my House in France, taken from a distance.........16,000 km away?  One of the many reasons I love les Français is for their creativity. And they have definitely elevated paper work into an art form. My "man on the ground in France" informs me that Paper Art is "enjoyed to the full by the French". Comment on dit en français, "I need 2 asprin, or a strong gin and tonic and a good lie down"?

Paper sculpture and photograph by Elod Beregszaszi