Friday 5 August 2011

House in France - Update

Silence.... Not a word from the project manager about the renovations to My French Folly, despite having a bevy of artisans in the house to give relevant quotes. Initially I assumed that this lack of communication was a result of the artisans being frightened off the job, due to its enormity and our tight budget. Or perhaps the quotes were so ridiculously large, that our project manager was seeking additional cost estimates in order to quell my anxiety and avoid a volley of emails being exchanged between the northern and southern hemispheres.  
Summer skies, Provence
No, I was wrong on both accounts. It's the holiday season in France so life is in slow motion.  In summer, many businesses cease operating until the end of August - an enviable trait of the French lifestyle if one were not trying to renovate  - from the other side of the world - a house while there is no snow on the ground. I concede that it is better to have the artisans on site 'from start to finish' than have them wander off on holiday half way though the project, but for this INTJ personality 'going with the flow' and giving my authority to someone else are difficult.  And exhausting. I seem to have a permanent glow when dealing with issues relating to our French house. A lesson learnt from renovating in France - the French don't die from ulcers! Perhaps I need to be more French................
In summer, the song sings itself. William Carlos Williams