Saturday 1 June 2013

Domestic Therapy

Life is predictably capricious. No one is immune to its challenges and the odd 'left ball' it throws their way. How an individual responds to daily pressures and huge emotional upheavals is as individual as their fingerprint.  Meditation, prayer, exercise and even knitting have all been cited as therapeutic responses to stress.

After  the unexpected death of my father caused by a drunk driver, I have found the rhythmic nature of knitting woollen squares, calming. Like meditation, the movement of the needles focuses my mind, providing respite from unwelcome thoughts and emotions. Knitting also gives my agitated hands something to do and anchors me to a seat.

Rediscovering the benefits and joys of this craft has sent me foraging for old knitting patterns in the attic where I managed to locate an eclectic collection of instruction booklets. Some of them had been purchased during my early twenties when knitting was à la mode,  and others were inherited from my mother and great Aunt, who had impressive knitting skills, which  unfortunately weren't genetic.

One of the gems that has resurfaced may have practical appeal to a lover of tea, but I can't envisage any of its suggested products as items on my tea-tray!
Inherited knitting patterns from the early 20th century, offering some cosy
activities for a cold night.